Paper products is a disposable made out of paper and after lined with plastic or wax prevent liquid from leakage out or soaking by paper. Paper product such as Paper Cup, Bowl, Plate, Food Tray, French Fry Container are made from renewable resources. The products should be made from food grade paper which is hygienic in nature. It is capable for holding both hot & cold liquid for longer time. The uses of paper products have wide range. Give the rapid changes in life style.

There are several inherent advantages in using Paper Products as compared to products of other materials. These Paper Products are gaining popularity all across the globe as a beautiful and stylish way of minimizing exposure to food borne infections.

Paper Products have numerous advantages like; they are manufactured in a very simple process using Food Grade Raw Materials with least waste and are easiest to recycle. They are ideal for individual servings at all kinds of parties, functions, picnic occasions, marriages, chat, tea & food joints, etc. Non -toxic in nature, the shapes and surface designs on these paper products are attractive and present an inviting look. These paper products can also be custom printed with an outlet's logo, brand punch line or advertising message.

What we do

Nesco Ltd. are involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Eco friendly PE Coated Paper products. The Products that we offer are precision engineered by the experienced professionals, who possess an immense knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

Nesco Ltd. offers you the highest quality of Paper Products with competitive price in the market. We are committed to provide superior quality service to our customers and assist them in achieving their goals. We believe to be the best Paper Products manufacturers having latest technology and commitment to excellence. Nesco Ltd. is always focused on the needs of the customers and ready to adopt with any changes from them.

Nesco Ltd. assures you the best possible services and keeps pace with the new developments and opportunities in the industry

We have a strong professional team with high experience. We make it our responsibility to know you and your business. We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet unique needs and challenges.

You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Superior customer service is the hallmark of Nesco Ltd. We are proud to serve your business.

Our Goal

Welcome to the world of smart disposable paper cups. Nesco Ltd. designs disposable paper cups that are attractive outside and of the highest quality inside. Nowadays we all think about our very own profit in every place. Even I’m not any exception from that.

But the exception is, we think this earth and environment is my very own and very essential for myself and my family to live.

Yes, we are talking about environment and we know that day by day our environment is being polluted by us.We can at least try to reduce this pollution by using environment friendly products, and KPC paper product is a little step toward this…


Our Slogan

“Hygiene First”

Our Capacity

We have a production capacity of 1 crore cups monthly and can assure that any large requirements can be catered to. We herewith commit that we are in a position to cater to an entire yearly consumption of a major international food division and provide excellent service in addition to a consistent food grade biodegradable product.

Paper Cup

Our company is specialized and engaged in food service packaging. Current range of major products includes disposable paper cup & plate in various sizes which are used for both hot and cold beverages apart from other food service packaging products.

Paper Cups, Plates, Bowl etc.

At present, the company is engaged in the manufacture and supply of disposable Paper Cups, Plates, Bowl etc. for serving beverages & many other foods. The size range varies from 80ml to 350ml for cup & as per customer aspect.

International Market

Nesco is an export oriented company which manufactures different types of ECO-friendly products like Paper cups, paper plates.

Quality Policy

  • Nesco is a total quality company.
  • Quality is the guiding principle of each of our employee.
  • Quality means providing our customers with world class products that continue to delight them.